Small pocket change from thousands of customers makes a big impact

Alliance customers made it possible for Garretson volunteer firefighters to purchase new equipment that provides them with breathable air during dangerous situations.

The Garretson Volunteer Fire Department received a grant to help buy a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus through the Keep the Change program. The department had been using antiquated equipment that imposed safety risks to firefighters.

The funds in Keep The Change are donated voluntarily by Alliance Communications customers and are given back to community, school and nonprofit organizations.

Customers’ bills are rounded up to the next highest dollar. The average donation amount per customer is just $6 per year. The most a customer will contribute is $11.88 per year.

The program has given more than $240,000 to area organizations since 2013. A total of 92 percent of Alliance customers participate in this voluntary program.

The Keep the Change Board of Directors operates independently of the cooperative and consists of seven community members. They meet quarterly to evaluate all completed applications for funding and to make decisions on how those funds will be dispersed.

If you participate in an organization that could use funding, we encourage you to apply.