You’re more than a customer. You’re an owner!

Alliance Communications is customer owned and locally operated.

If you were an Alliance Communications cooperative customer in 2017, we’re providing you with a Statement of Capital Credits on your September bill.

As a cooperative customer, you’re also an owner and even share in our margins or profits. The amounts included in your Statement of Capital Credits represent your share of ownership in the cooperative.

PLEASE REMEMBER: A Statement of Capital Credits is provided to you each year to show the amount of money you may someday receive. You do not owe these amounts. Since a portion of those past margins are returned annually,
it’s important to keep us informed of your current mailing address.

Thank you for patronizing your customer-owned communications cooperative. If you have questions, please dial 611 from any Alliance phone or call (605) 582-6311 from your cell phone.

We are required by the Internal Revenue Service to provide a written notice of your allocation of earnings in the cooperative for the year. We recommend that you consult your tax adviser on whether these earnings are considered taxable income to you at this time. Your allocation may be retired to you in the future in accordance with the By-laws and board policy and provided the cooperative’s financial condition allows for such retirements. This amount is not now payable to you and does not represent cash. You cannot apply capital credit allocations to your bill.