These Smart Devices Help Deter Crime

Say goodbye to awkward light timers and neighbors’ half-hearted efforts to “keep an eye on your house” when you’re not there. The smart devices listed below allow you to take control of these functions and more. These products represent just a sampling of those available to raise your smart home’s security IQ.

Abode Home Security Starter Kit
Not yet sure about all this smart home stuff? Start simply with this kit, which is easy to install and integrate with other smart home products including door locks, lights, smart switches, and thermostats. Easily control all your home’s devices using the system’s mobile and web access.

Blink Security Camera
The Blink wireless home security camera includes a motion-activated camera. Any detected motion triggers the recording of a short video clip. You will receive a push notification alert on your smartphone with a link to the video attached, so you can decide how to respond. These cameras are available for purchase at Alliance’s business offices in Brandon Garretson and Baltic.

Ring Floodlight Cam
This motion-activated security camera uses two-way audio to enable you to speak to anyone on your property from anywhere, using your phone. This feature is great for keeping an eye on your kids, but you can also use it to activate floodlights or a siren to scare burglars away.

August Smart Lock
Whether you use Google, Apple, or Amazon for your smart home controller, you can program this lock to disengage when you arrive and lock behind you when you leave. You can enable temporary access for home service professionals, such as house cleaners or dog walkers, and track their activity.

Regardless of the devices you choose for your smart home, you will need a fast, reliable Internet connection to fully enjoy the benefits. Rest assured Alliance will provide you with the best Internet connection available anywhere over its 100% fiber-optic network.