Get affordable phone service for home or work

Everyone needs a phone in their home or business. You’ll receive reliable and clear connections when it counts. Plus, a phone line is the best way to call 911. The emergency dispatcher can automatically detect your location, something that isn’t possible even with cell phones containing GPS.

Access to E-911 services, which instantly gives emergency dispatchers your locationUnlimited local callingEligible low-income residents can receive a discount by filling out this application.*Plus city, state, and federal taxes.
Your business will be listed in telephone books and their online directories for free. Those who don't have a business line pay an extra fee to have their numbers listed.Customize your service with calling features, including Caller ID, Voice Mail, Conference Calling and more.*Plus city, state, and federal taxes.

Orders & Questions

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Calling FeaturePrice
Long Distance$0.10/minute
Called ID$3/mo
Conference Calling$10+/session
Single Number Service$4/mo
Call Forwarding$1/mo
Call Waiting$1/mo
Value Line$3/mo
Voicemail Gold Business$5.75/mo
Voicemail Gold Residential$3.75/mo
Voicemail Platinum Business$7.75/mo
Voicemail Platinum Residential$5.75/mo
Notify Plus 100$7.99/mo
Notify Plus 1,000$19.99/mo
Notify Plus 2,500$49.99/mo
Notify Plus 5,000$99.99/mo
Notify Plus 5,000+$149.99/mo